About Us

APC London Limited has combined property investment and development experience of over thirty years. Commercial and residential transactions both include in a focus that is purely property. Management, development, marketing and consultancy are the principal activities taking place in the understanding of this dynamic and lucrative asset class, and APC London's team is the brand proven in the challenges the past thirty years' economic cycles have presented.

Knowledge and engagement are the professionalism behind APC London's values. In these former is the insight that increasingly adds to an impressive list of investors who take the brand as one that has never failed to deliver. The economic crisis inaugurated by 2008's Credit Crunch particularly called property specialists to action so it is testament to APC London's depth that assets increased at this time and sector consolidation resulted.

Focussed principally on the UK and India, geographic specialisation is the structure that exploits APC London's values. The ties between the countries reinforces the asset traffic that bares similarities and benefits from opportunities locality throws up. This core region is the framework for continental European and Asiatic capabilities that add to diversity and returns while simultaneously managing risk.

At APC investors come first and all efforts are channelled to bring the best returns and value for the investor.